The Lamar Racing Club
     The Lamar Racing Club is a not for profit organization with a membership made up of Racers and Non
    Racers, Young people and Not So Young people.  The organization was inactive for about thirteen years,
    before it was reformed in November of 2009 by a group of area residents interested in revitalizing Lamar
    Racing .  The first project of the club was the huge task of reconstructing  the Lamar Speedway which laid
    dormant for several years. The club membership participates in a number of civic activities and works
    with other nonprofit organizations to improve the Lamar Community. Regular business meetings are held
    at 7:00 pm, the first Tuesday of each month at the Ports to Plains Restaurant. Anyone wishing to attend
    one of these meetings or become a member of the Lamar Racing Club are welcome to do so. The club
    membership is made up of people  with all kinds of skills and hobbies that they freely lend to the racing
    club to promote the Lamar Racing Community and to conduct racing events at the Lamar Speedway. The
    club is planning some Just for Fun events for it members throughout 2011.  

                                               The Lamar Speedway
    The Lamar Speedway is a 1/3 mile semi high bank racetrack originally build by the Dechant family of
    Lamar in 1987. It was ran successfully by several different promoters until 1996.The track laid vacant
    until 2005 when it was converted into a motocross facility. With the extensive dirt work that was done, the
    racetrack became almost unrecognizable for auto racing. (Kelley Morris ~ January, 2010).  After the
    Lamar Racing Club reformed in 2009 it leased the track from Ray Dechant and began the task of turning
    the racetrack back in to an auto racing facility. Reconstruction of the entire facility was necessary and
    was done by a number of volunteers from the racing club. Don Woller led the dirt work that had to be
    accomplished and turned the racing surface in to a fast, smooth and durable speedway. Work was
    completed and the first test of the track was on April 19,2010 with a practice day. The Speedway had it's
    opening day May 1,2010 and ran a full schedule for the rest of the summer. A group of Lamar Volunteers
    did a great job of conducting the racing events lead by Track Director Ron Cook. Racing classes at the

    The Speedway is located 1 1/2 miles east of the Big Timbers Museum at 9053 Hwy 196.
    Check the Google Map for complete directions.

                Website for the Lamar Racing Club is a completely free social website founded by Don and Carolyn Graves in
    December 2009. At that time we were working to provide some type of common communication for the
    Lamar Racing Club. We soon learned that the website could be used to help promote the racing club and
    it could help with some of their fund raising activities, as well as provide some degree of entrainment . We
    believe that there is a point where Business, Racers, Fans, and Nonprofit Organizations all come
    together to make Lamar Racing what it is;  Special. This website will consistently work to provide that
    connection by spotlighting and highlighting these various groups and their involvement with Lamar
    Racing. After having lived in several different communities in this country, Carolyn and I  know that
    communities that have good motor racing tend to be healthy communities. We are proud of the Lamar
    Racing Club and strongly support its efforts.   We hope that you will as well. This website is independent
    of the Lamar Racing Club and the Lamar Speedway. Any issues involving type of content, content or
    copyright must be addressed with this website directly by e-mailing; Don Graves
    or by phone; (719) 688-9906.

                                Our Commitment
    LRC is committed to providing exciting, clean and honest racing worthy of the publics confidence and
    support. To offer to all enthusiasts of our sport a common place of discussion and activity. We will work
    consistently to ensure that our drivers have a safe racing environment and that our fans are fully
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