May 25, 2011

Dear Sponsor;

 Thank you for your recent purchase of advertising through the Lamar Racing Club.  We are
pleased to announce that all of the sponsors that we had last year stayed with us for another
year.  Five new sponsors have joined us; Arkansas Valley Diesel Service, Coen Aerial
Spraying, Lawnco, Ranchers Supply of Lamar and Parker Mechanical LLC.  Although our ad
campaign has ended for this year, you can still make changes to or upgrade your package by
calling Kelley Morris at (719) 336-5414 or by email;  You can
make changes to your web ads that appear on our website anytime by sending an email to don.  Please go to to review your ads.
Allow me a minute to update you about what is going on with Lamar Racing.  What do you’re
advertising dollars do besides bring new interest and new customers to your business. Your
dollars help to pay the fixed expenses of the Lamar Speedway such as Electricity, Water,
Insurance and sometimes repairs and maintenance of the facility.  They help us promote Lamar
Racing and our community.
Where can you expect to see your ads?  On sign boards that travel wherever the Lamar
Racing Club goes, such as the Oktoberfest, trade shows, festivals or fairs. If booth space is too
small we continually run a slide show on a TV to introduce our sponsors. Your business will be
announced at all of our Speedway events by the race announcer two or three times during the
event. If the event is being live broadcast by LAMARTV your business will be announced again
on live stream TV.
Each race night at the Lamar Speedway, racers come to provide the live entertainment, race
fans come and provide the excitement, the Lamar Racing Club provides the organization, and
Lamar Racing sponsors help to provide a good place for it all to come together. The result is
good, affordable, live family entertainment. It has been estimated that over sixteen billion
dollars will have been spent on local short track racing this season.  Kelley Morris, Don Woller,
Robert Townsend ( LAMARTV),  myself and the Lamar Racing Club , have committed
ourselves to bringing larger and larger slices of that 16 billion dollars to the Lamar Area.  On
May 13th 2011, for the first time ever, a racing event was broadcast live from a Lamar
Speedway.  Although it was a trial broadcast 28 people viewed it.  On May 14th, a post on
facebook prior to the night’s event brought 144 viewers. It’s possible that a subway rider in
Tokyo, London or New York could have been watching our Lamar Racers on their Iphone. A
Soldier or Marine may have been watching the races at any station anywhere in the world or a
Sailor on a ship at sea may have been watching on their laptop. One of the goals of the Lamar
Racing Club is to make Lamar Racing as affordable and accessible as possible to anyone…
anywhere who wants to take part in it.
Please remember that you have an open invitation to any of the clubs functions and are always
welcome to attend our meetings every first Tuesday of every month to watch the racing club
put all of the pieces together to make dirt track racing the best that it can be.
Once again, thank you for your support of Lamar Racing.
                            Lamar Racing; It’s fun, It’s Exciting, It’s Special.

            Don Graves
      Lamar Racing Club