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The Lamar Racing Club was reformed in November 2009 after being inactive for about thirteen years. A group of racers and non racers
interested in preserving Lamar racing voted to restart the club. In January of 2010 the Lamar Speedway was leased from Ray Dechant.
With $450.00 still in the bank from when the club went inactive, the work began to reclaim the old race track. These images are of that first
memorable year. You are welcome to print any of these photos.
A New Beginning
The Logo before
Trade Show in
Longmont CO.
Meeting place for
the racing club
New sign for the
Lamar Speedway
Lamar Days
The Reclaiming Of The Lamar Speedway is a story that I have told several times using Photos,Video and
Print. Out of all the racing stories that I know this one is my favorite.  It is truly a wonderful and positive
story that includes a lot of good people working in concert or individually toward a common intrest.  
Lamar Racing Club
; theirs is a story that deserves to be told... again and again.  
The first two work days had been completed. These next frames were provided by Matt Morris and are images of the
way the tracked looked at the end of the second day.

The Lamar Speedway had been leased by a motorcycle club that converted the old speedway into a motocross track.  
The motorcycle club disbanded after a couple of years and the old Speedway lay dormant for another five years. The
following frames are of the condition the Speedway was in before the Racing Club went to work in January 2010. You
can watch the complete Reclaiming Of The Lamar Speedway in a slide show by clicking on the Slide show link.
Kelley Morris
Vice-President Don
Sectary / Treasurer
Daina Morris
2010 Club Officers
The weather turned cold with snow and wind and temperatures staying around freezing,  several work days that had
been planed were canceled. The work day scheduled for the 13th of March turned out to be a beautiful day of about 70
degrees. Emick Excavating and volunteers that came to help got a lot of work done that day. Mr. dechant came to
watch as the race track that he and his family had built came back to life.
Ray Dechant
Don Woller
Jerry Woolley