About Us
I'm Don Graves
Many of you might know me as the bicycle guy    
at Wal Mart.  I have been that for the last five      
years. I have probably answered some of your    
questions when you were buying a bike or bike    
accessories. It is my hope to go on a step            
farther by using this website to help you               
maintain your bicycles and find more ways to       
enjoy them.
Hi! I'm Carolyn Graves
I am sure that many of you know me already. I      
have worked at the Loves store on East Olive      
for the past six years.  Bicycles are important       
in raising  children.  I'll be working with Don to      
provide information to help you choose the          
right bikes for yourself and your children.  
Ye Olde Bike Shop
Carolyn and I know how important and personal a bicycle is to it's owner.   
Not having a bike shop in our area can make repairing and maintaining
a bicycle very difficult.  We are committed to providing as much                       
information as possible, to help cyclist from 3 to 60  enjoy their bikes more.
"Ye" Olde Bike Shop

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